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Social software allows people to connect, communicate or collaborate by use of a computer network resulting in shared, interactive spaces creating new methods for connecting people and the information that they have created. Common examples of social software systems include discussion forums, blogs, wikis and online social networks. By utilising Semantic Web technologies in social software systems, we can create new methods for connecting people to other people and also to the information that they have created. This work programme builds on the existing achievements from Líon I (SIOC project, social network analysis collaboration with IBM and the semantic tagging work with Seoul National University) and extends this work to the application domains of eGovernment, eHealth, telecommunications and eBusiness in collaboration with the domain-specific units.

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The Venice Project

The Venice Project is the code name for a new venture of Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis (founders of Skype).The pair plans to develop software for distributing TV shows and other forms of video over the Web using peer-to-peer technology. Teams of top software developers in about a half-dozen cities around the world have been hired to work on the project, including New York, London, Leiden and Toulouse. The teams are currently in negotiations with TV networks, although it is not clear whether any agreements have been reached.

The Digital Media Awards

Dr John Breslin is nominated for the Digital Media Awards in Dublin

When did the Semantic Web enter our Lexicon?

Interesting essay from Tim Finn...

"When was the term Semantic Web first used for the W3C’s vision of embedding a web of data in machine-understandable form in the World Wide Web? The earliest reference I can find on the Web is from one of Tim-Berners Lee’s design documents from January 1997. The ideas and some of the technology goes back a bit further of course, but I’m interested in the evolution of the term."

Why Semantics?

In this short video, Ratnesh Sahay at DERI Galway , gives his insight into Semantics and the evolution of computer and machines and why we will need Semantics!
[youtube m7_eVkWRDPg nolink]

Semantic Web & Social Software by Dr John Breslin

In this short interview, Dr John Breslin , subcluster leader of the Social Software group at DERI, Galway   gives his view on what the Semantic Web is. He introduces what DERI is about and discusses the projects he is working on, in particular the SIOC project and explains what Social Software is.
[youtube CojO3eT3sV0 nolink]

The Semantic Web as explained By Eyal Oren

In this interview PhD student at DERI Galway , Eyal Oren , presents his view of the Semantic Web. Using simple and concise explanations Eyal explains how the Semantic Web will work with the current Web and how data on the Web will be used more efficiently. He also introduces the viewer to the Semantic Desktop one of the projects he is currently working on and discusses the project procedure at DERI.
[you tube v=sepq4m0oAY8]

ITAG award

Brendan Smith DERI's Outreach officer wins ITAG's Schools Initiative Project 2006.
The photo from top left to right shows Vassilios Peristeras, Dr John Breslin, Mike Turley CEO of DERI Galway , DJ Gareth O' Callaghan. From bottom left to right shows Brendan Smith holding his award, Minister for European Affairs Mr Noel Treacy and Dr Brian Wall.


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