XSPARQL-Viz: A Mashup-based Visual Query Editor for XSPARQL

Extended Semantic Web Conference
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Conference Paper
XSPARQL is a query language which facilitates query, integration and transformation between XML and RDF data formats. Although XSPARQL supports semantic data integration by providing uniform access over XML and RDF, it requires users to be familiar with both of its underlying query languages (e.g XQuery and SPARQL). In this system demo, we show how mashup-based techniques can be used for auto generation and execution of XSPARQL queries. XSPARQL-Viz provides an easy to use drag and drop visual query editor, which supports novice users in designing complex mappings between XML and RDF and based on these mappings auto generates and executes XSPARQL queries. Results can also be visualised as a graph, table or list.
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