The World's information

“Google's general mission has been to organize the world's information. With that they bring in the flotsam and the jetsam, the good with the bad because they're casting their net far and wide,” Microsoft's Cliff Guren said.
Its initiative in mass digitization stems from a vision of Internet search as a tool to hunt not only the words we type in, but also the things we might have meant to type in, said Colin Gillis, an Internet analyst at brokerage Canaccord Adams.
Like many concepts in the Internet industry, this idea can go with an arcane title: the Semantic Web. It's a concept already partly realized on some websites, for instance when search engines recognize a common typing error.
To achieve this needs data.
“The important component of the Semantic Web is mass digitization,” Gillis said. “You have to have all the little bits of data, all the little pieces. From comprehensive data sets come deeper insights. "
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