Top prize for DERI researcher at conference..again!

The 4th Web Rules and Reasoning Conference (RR2010) in Bressanone, Italy, was another great success for DERI researchers. Axel Polleres gave a very well-attended invited Tutorial for both RR2010 and SWAP2010 attendees on the upcoming SPARQL1.1 standard query language currently developed within W3C.

Moreover, Dr. Polleres' paper entitled "Redundancy Elimination on RDF Graphs in the Presence of Rules, Constraints, and Queries" which emerged from a collaboration with TU Vienna , Austria, co-authored by Prof. Reinhard Pichler, Sebastian Skritek, and Dr. Stefan Woltran, was awarded with the conference' best paper award. The work describes theoretical foundations of compressing structured information on the Web for more efficient processing and exchange. This work aims to provide a basis for optimisations within future Web databases. Remarkably, this is the second award obtained by Dr. Polleres within a year, after his group in DERI already won the prestigeous best paper award in the In-Use track of last year's International Semantic Web Conference with their article "Produce and consume linked data with Drupal!"; this work enriches the widely used Open-Source content management system Drupal that is deployed on thousands of Web pages worldwide with Semantic Web technologies. "A goal of my work is to build bridges from theory to practice in the application of Semantic Web technologies" says Dr. Polleres "which is why I am doubly delighted that our work is so well-received on both ends of academic research".

Publication Date

September 24th 2010