SPARQL 1.1 and RDF Faceted Browsing

Fadi Maali, Nikolaos Loutas

Technical Report
On the Semantic Web, faceted browsing is a popular choice to support user navigation over RDF data. While existing tools provide powerful navigation and rich user experience, they require transforming the RDF data into a specific format or pre-processing the data to build particular indices and models. We show how the faceted navigation of RDF data can be directly supported by utilising the upcoming version of the standard RDF query language, SPARQL 1.1. By directly mapping faceted navigation to SPARQL queries, we enable navigating the large number of datasets currently available behind SPARQL endpoints. Secondly, we present algorithms necessary to support browsing data distributed across several SPARQL endpoints over the web. An empirical study that provides insights into the queries involved in faceted browsing and compares the different algorithms is also presented.
Research Unit: 
eGovernment Domain