Semantic Pipe project wins 3rd place in triplification challenge

DERI's Pipe's Project (formerly Semantic Web Pipes) has been awarded 3rd prize at the Triplification challenge
Inspired by Yahoo's Pipes, DERI Web Data Pipes implement a generalization which can also deal with formats such as RDF (RDFa), Microformats and generic XML.
DERI Pipes are Open Source Software, ad as such they can be easily extended and applyed in use cases where a local deployment is needed.
DERI Pipes provides a rich web GUI where pipes can be graphically edited, debugged and invoked. The execution engine is also available as a standalone JAR, which is ideal for embedded use, thus making it an innovative integration component for data level mashups. 
DERI Pipes, in general, produce as an output streams of data (e.g. XML, RDF, JSON) that can be used by applications. However, when invoked by a normal browser, they will provide a end user GUI for the user to enter parameter values and browse the results.
Warmest congrats to Danh and the DERI pipe team.