Deirdre Lee, Michael Hausenblas, The National Cross Industry Working Group on Open Data

Technical Report
The National Cross Industry Working Group on Open Data's 'Open Data Ireland: A 'Briefing Paper' was submitted to the Government of Ireland and subsequently presented to Government officials. It was accompanyied by the 'Open Data Overview' by Deirdre Lee. Open Data has emerged in recent years as the game-changing opportunity for progressive nations to engage their citizens and wider society with government and industry. Internationally, there is evidence of improved services, greater public sector transparency, engagement and efficiency delivered by innovation technology enterprises. Ireland is exceptionally well positioned to capitalise upon the opportunity that Open Data presents. We benefit from a strong technology sector, both innovation start-ups and MNCs focusing on the interplay of big data and the cloud. We are also home to the world’s leading edge academic institutions in exploring open data opportunities, in particular DERI, Galway and FutureICT, Cork. This National Cross Industry Working Group welcomes the recent announcement by Government to include Open Data objectives within the Public Sector Reform Plan1. We are heartened by the Governments stated reform objectives: 1. Create a Centralised Portal 2. Publish Public Sector Data Online 3. Improve Internal Government Data Sharing 4. Develop an Integrated Approach for collecting Administrative Data 5. Review Data Sharing Legislation Collectively, these objectives will deliver the pillars for a progressive Open Data strategy that this National Cross Industry Working Group is eager to support. To that end we have prepared this briefing paper to provide our collective view of how we will support Government in achieving these objectives, based on our industry experience, academic knowledge and public sector insight.
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