On Integration Issues of Site-Specific APIs into the Web of Data

Technical Report
The current Web of Data, including linked datasets, RDFa content, and GRDDL-enabled microformats is a read-only Web. Although this read-only Web of Data enables data integration, faceted browsing and structured queries over large datasets, we lack a general concept for a read-write Web of Data. That is, we need to understand how to create, update and delete RDF data. Starting from the experience we have gathered with Tabulator Redux - a single-triple update system based on a data Wiki - we review necessary components to realize a read-write Web of Data. We propose a form-based editing approach for RDF graphs along with the integration of site-specific APIs. Further, we present a concept of a uniform architecture for a read-write Web of Data, including a demonstration. Eventually, our work reveals issues and challenges of the proposed architecture and discusses future steps.