DERI shows strong presence at the 4th European Semantic Web Conference

The European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) is the major event in Europe in the area of Semantic Web research, DERI's core research topic. The general chair of this year's conference, which was held in Tenerife, Spain, was DERI's vice director, Prof. Manfred Hauswirth.

DERI again was the strongest institution in this major conference with respect to accepted peer-reviewed research contributions. DERI researchers co-authored 6 full papers, as well as 5 system demos. Of those, the contribution "Visual Programming for the Semantic Desktop with Konduit" [10] co-authored by Knud Moeller, Siegfried Handschuh, Laura Josan and Stefan Decker from DERI won the best demo award and the contribution "XSPARQL: Traveling between the XML and RDF worlds - and avoiding the XSLT Pilgrimage" [1] coauthored by Waseem Akhtar, Thomas Krennwallner and Axel Polleres from DERI was among the 4 nominees for the best paper award.

Full Papers with DERI contributions:

1. Waseem Akhtar, Jacek Kopecky, Thomas Krennwallner and Axel Polleres.
XSPARQL: Traveling between the XML and RDF worlds ? and avoiding the XSLT Pilgrimage

2. Richard Cyganiak, Renaud Delbru, Holger Stenzhorn, Giovanni Tummarello and Stefan Decker. Semantic Sitemaps: Efficient and Flexible Access to Datasets on the Semantic Web

3. Tudor Groza, Siegfried Handschuh, Knud Möller and Stefan Decker.
KonneX-SALT: First Steps towards a Semantic Claim Federation Infrastructure

4. Reinhard Pichler, Axel Polleres, Fang Wei and Stefan Woltran. dRDF:
Entailment for Domain-restricted RDF

5. Simon Scerri, Siegfried Handschuh and Stefan Decker. Semantic Email as a communication medium for the Social Semantic Desktop

6. VinhTuan Thai, Siegfried Handschuh and Stefan Decker. IVEA: An Information Visualization Tool for Personalized Exploratory Document Collection Analysis

Demos with DERI contributions:
8. Mihai Andrei, Arne.J. Berre, Luis Costa, Philippe Duchesne, Daniel Fitzner, Miha Grcar, Joerg Hoffmann, Eva Klien, Joel Langlois, Andreas Limyr, Patrick Maue, Sven Schade, Nathalie Steinmetz, Francois Tertre, Laurentiu Vasiliu, Raluca Zaharia and Nicolas Zastavni: SWING: An Integrated Environment for Geospatial Semantic Web Services

9. Christian Morbidoni, Axel Polleres, Giovanni Tummarello, Danh Le Phuoc and Matthias Samwald: Previewing Semantic Web Pipes

10. Knud Möller, Siegfried Handschuh, Sebastian Trüg, Laura Josan and Stefan Decker: Demo: Visual Programming for the Semantic Desktop with Konduit

11. Holger Stenzhorn, Kavitha Srinivas, Matthias Samwald and Alan
Ruttenberg: Simplifying Access to Large-Scale Health Care and Life Sciences Datasets

12. Maciej Zaremba and Tomas Vitvar: WSMX: a Solution for B2B Mediation and Discovery Scenarios

For a full list of accepted papers/demos, see and the Proceedings of the Conference which appeared at Springer:

Sean Bechhofer, Manfred Hauswirth, Jörg Hoffmann, Manolis Koubarakis (Eds.): The Semantic Web: Research and Applications, 5th European Semantic Web Conference, ESWC 2008, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, June 1-5, 2008, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5021 Springer 2008, ISBN 978-3-540-68233-2

Publication Date

July 23rd 2008