DERI opens doors on Reasoning Summer School, Web Rules and Reasoning Conference

Education & Research | 23 Aug 2011 : The seventh Reasoning Web Summer School, bringing together an international group of postgraduate students and renowned lecturers, commenced today at NUI Galway. The event will be followed next week by the fifth International Web Rules and Reasoning Conference. Both events are organised by the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) at NUI Galway.

The Reasoning Web Summer School and the Web Rules and Reasoning Conference are established international events in the area of applying Artificial Intelligence on the Web.

Prof Stefan Decker, director of DERI, said: "It is the first time these two events are held together and we are proud to have attracted them both to NUI Galway. By co-locating the summer school and conference and also by providing low registration fees, particularly for students attending the conference, we aim to further promote interaction between researchers, practitioners and students in this exciting research field. This will also raise the international profile of Galway as a centre of excellence for high-tech research and employment."

The summer school received over 100 applications from students worldwide, from which 70 students were chosen to attend. This year, the focus is on reasoning for the emerging ‘Web of Data', with 15 distinguished lecturers from the US, South America, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, the UK and Ireland.

NUI Galway lecturer Dr Aidan Hogan said: "The Reasoning Web Summer School is all about making the Web smarter and easier for us to navigate. If you take a step back and look at the global phenomenon that is the Web today, it is utterly astonishing. Now imagine the Web in five-, 10-, 20-, 50- years time. We are planting those seeds right now."

Dr Hogan added: "As more and more structured data like Wikipedia becomes available on the Web, we can deploy smarter techniques to better leverage this information for the users, enabling more intelligent Web searches, or allowing companies linking data from the Web with their own databases in unforeseen ways."

Some 50 international participants from academia and industry are expected to attend the conference which will focus on cutting-edge research results on applying intelligent inference methods to the Web.

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August 23rd 2011